The main part in the commercial company’s activity is providing the sales channels with the production.

It’s very important because if there are no sales there is no money. The big companies put their stake on the dealership sector, attracting them with their production’s quality and price.

The number of dealers is increasing, the production processes are optimized, the capacity is more than enough to provide the filling of orders. Thank to close work with the material suppliers  product prices remain competitive, but  in such, as it would seem, simple chain link as shipping from stock a very serious point appears.

So, let’s consider the situation, at 10 o’clock in the morning on your area you have a line of your dealers’ transports, who came to get their goods and they actually expect to take itrapidly and then mount it. But your movers rush about the area where there are already about 50 - 200 articles and try to find a particular product.

On the one hand the situation is ironic, you can  watch nearly a football match, but the dealers see the situation in inadequate way! First of all, seeing all this, they think that  the work of the firm is chaotic and spontaneous, there is an obvious lack of order. On the second hand, the dealers lose the time, standing in the line, for which they pay their adjusters, movers and  drivers. Besides this, the equipment, that according to dealers’ plans should already deliver ordered products, stands idle. As a result, you lose your competitive position first, the image of a serious company, then the dealers and, as a result, money.

MI-Soft company knows how to organize the logistics. In consequence of the proposed solution you will get rid of the chaos in shipping to dealers. The time of shipping will be reduced to a minimum. Your employees will be precisely oriented and will know where the items that should be shipped are, thus the total "run" of workers around the area will be decreased much.  IT-OKNA system will calculate when a dealer should come to avoid standing in the line for getting products. Furthermore, you may automatically notify a dealer about what, when and where he should take away. A dealer will know for sure that if he arrives at the specified time he will immediately and definitely receive his products without tiresome waiting.

So, the MI-Soft company offers a new solution IT-OKNA Queue-less for  shipments and dealers interaction management. The system installation will take about 1-2 days.

The main point of the solution is that at the closure time of manufacture, when the quality control is held, the database receives a signal that the product is ready. The system automatically reserves a space for it in the distribution center, and you will always know where to find this product. At the time of shipping the storage cell reserve is removed and the next product to be manufactured is placed to the cell. Besides, along with cell’s reserving the time required for the product shipping is reserved and the time-table of the planned shipping is automatically filled in. At the end of the day your dealer manager can print the summary schedule inform dealers about the time of loading.

The cost of this solution is 59 000 rubles. If this amount is divided among 200 dealers, it follows that you are buying the dealer’s loyalty for 295 rubles.

In addition the MI-Soft company offers a solution of dealers and customers automatic SMS alert. When the shipping schedule is approved, a dealer receives on his phones an automatic notification that "your products are ready, the shipment is scheduled for tomorrow at 10:45, the products are on the truck number 10, cells 1-3." This decision will relieve your CALL center, reduce managers’ workload and let to minimize a human error.

The cost of IT-OKNA SMS  is 39 000 rubles.

Besides savings both solutions allow to get an extra income by attracting new dealers and to raise the status of a company by using the modern information services in its work.

Service Price, Euro.
IT OKNA 1400