Working in the production of translucent structures we have identified a range of problems with which managers have to face. The most significant and obvious problem is the large proportion of direct materials waste which comes to 10%.

Thereat you may not even be aware of that because you do not have the on-line computation and the indicator’s control  facilities. Besides, your employees may do an extra work, calculating the optimal location and blank spacing map and then entering the data into the machine manually. At this stage errors also appear thus increasing the loss of materials.

  • If your heart bleeds when you see  your production waste
  • if you are ready for improving the efficiency of  materials usage and labor optimization

That Mi-soft company’s offer suits you!

Mi-soft company has been already working in the market for 5 years and we aim to help the greatest number of managers to use production capabilities to the maximum. We know how you can save hundred thousand rubles per one year of work!

Mi-soft solutions based on the IT OKNA Production program allow to improve the production efficiency and to reduce the loss of material to 2-3%. The managers who have implemented IT  OKNA product in their production already do significant savings. Take a look at the calculation examples of savings:

Number of windows per shift Savings per shift, euro Savings per months (22 shifts), euro Savings per season (7 months), euro
20 1400 28000 196000
80 5600 123000 861000
160 11200 246000 1722000

IT OKNA Production uses a special mathematical algorithm, developed with the participation of scientists in mathematics and managers of successful productions. Thus, the IT OKNA program considers the best practices in the production of translucent structures and scientific researches.

Accurate records of each type of materials will allow to calculate and to control the percentage of waste for any period that will confirm our product use efficiency and you will be able to see how rationally the materials bought at your expense are used.

Automatic unloading into the production equipment will allow to avoid incorrectly entered location and blank spacing maps and save a working time fund.

We offer two variants of the production automation - with the possibility of unloading into the machines and without it:

Solution IT OKNA production program cost, euro Implementation cost, euro

With the possibility of unloading into the machines

99000 29000
Without the possibility of unloading into the machines 69000 29000

The proposed solution is a model, you can start use it in the shortest possible time (the period of implementation lasts from 1 to 3 days in any production of translucent structures company). After 1-3 months (depending on the size of your production) you will totally cover the expenses of our product purchase.

What other benefits do you get while working with us:

  • Free technical support. Our experts respond to your needs on time and without any delay, they will offer a customized solution, advise on the best possible use of IT OKNA software, tell about cutting-edge developments in the industry, which will help your particular company work.
  • Our software is fully compatible with most popular software used for the calculation of translucent structures
  • You do not have to make changes in business processes in other departments of your company, you are getting a solution that can be easily integrated into an already functioning system
  • Our software is compatible with a set of programs 1. This compatibility will allow to automate the write-off of materials into the production on orders and products that will relieve your accounting work
  • The required level of training to workers in the shop reduces, you do not need to be a mathematician or have a lot of experience in cutting
  • Reducing of the number of man-hours
  • The program will provide ready-made nesting layouts and will even load them into the machine (on condition that there is such a function in the machine). As you can imagine the consequence of this is saving on wages of highly skilled employees.

As you can see, Mi-soft company can offer not only a direct benefit, but also a number of advantages resulting to getting further savings.

Mi-soft company is recommended by professionals.