The main objective of the program - the organization of the sales department.


1. Design and calculation of cost and cost orders

  • design rectangular, oblique and arched

  • graphic installation and automatic calculation of accessories

  • 3-d and 2-d mode, snap to grid

  • user-friendly interface

2. Printing of documents for clients, workshops, accounting and management

  • sample documents are included in the package

  • easy to create new documents and reports

  • Report on the work of the trade department shows the basic performance of the department or the company (sales, payment, debetorka, profitability, profit) for the period
  • accounting settlements with customers

3. Exchange orders and exchange settings

  • setup received from any program IT Okna
  • sending orders to other database systems IT Windows, including the base of the manufacturer, the dealer of another department, the base of the central office
  • recent developments allow the exchange of the cloud to simplify the exchange of settings and orders

4. Download materials

  • easy loading of materials and the upgrade price from price lists



user's Guide on-line


Full english version here

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