The main objective of the program "IT Okna Proizvodstvo" - planning, accounting production processes. This is functionally complete program to communicate with the hardware and other software.


  • Imports from windows programs. The ability to use data from existing programs of calculation.

  • Optimization of cutting profile with the possibility of a double cut. Waste minimization.

  • Formation of trucks, distribution of cells. Merge cells along the contours of welding.

  • Print sticky stickers on the blank. Ordering and accurate identification of each piece.

  • Mark on workpieces of basic operations, the parameters of reinforcement. The ability to do most of the operations on the spot without drawing.

  • Control of shipments of finished products and the cancellation of materials by barcode on the products. Export of material consumption in the accounting program.

  • Production statistics. Full control over the use of raw materials, payment of shop performance.

  • Uploading data to the CNC machines.

  • Paperless module production has flexible configuration of each station (workstation). Each operation can be referenced to the product contour element. It is possible to track the progress of operations in the "On-line".


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