The decision to measure windows.

The program for the Android tablet, you can quickly stood up and send to the office for data reduction for GSM channels. Has the following features:

  • Graphical data entry using a stylus.
  • Selection of typical circuits imported from IT Okna Konstruktor.
  • Sending gage sheet in graphical form to the office by e-mail manager.
  • Preserved base measurements.
  • Available buttons to save and send, no buttons to remove. It is impossible to remove the metering plates.


  • Receiving invoices and other documents to the client from the office.
  • Ability to print received documents from the office.
  • The opportunity to take photos and send to the office.
  • The program is protected from unauthorized copying.


Thus greatly accelerating the processing of the order.

The hardware - Android tablet is about 8 inches with a stylus and a gsm module.

Download the beta version of the program "Electronic gauging sheet"